46 ways to better Passover meals (1948)

After World War II, peanut oil producers — like those in other industries — tried to attract new buyers. In 1948, Planters created this cookbook, featuring recipes in both Hebrew and English, to attract a new Jewish customer base. A few pages with fifteen different recipes are shown below, but you can get the whole “46 ways to better Passover meals” cookbook online here.


Tasty meat recipes for Passover

Chicken cutlets, Chopped liver or eggs and liver, Mock chicken legs, Veal cutlet & Liverburgers


Passover knishes & chremsel

Carrot cutlets, Matzos with cheese, Farfel toasties, Cheese blintzes, Chremsel

Passover pies and puddings

Passover doughnuts, Mina pies, Apple pudding, Matzo brey, Queen pancakes

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