12 sweet new ice cream flavors of the fifties

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A dozen sweet treats

Here are some of the coolest ice cream flavors introduced during the 1950s. As you’ll see, fruit flavors — especially cherry and pineapple — were especially popular.

1. Cherry-Coconut ice cream (Borden’s – 1951)


2. Burgundy Cherry ice cream (Borden’s – 1951)


3. Coronation Vanilla ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1953)


4. Hawaiian ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1955)


5. Black Sweet Cherry ice cream (Party Pride – 1956)


6. Banana-Strawberry ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)


7. Triple Treat ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)


8. Cherry-Pineapple ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)


9. Marshmallow Mint ice cream (Meadow Gold – 1957)


10. Coconut-Pineapple ice cream (Foremost – 1957)


11. Cherry Nugget ice cream (Sealtest – 1957)


12. Butterscotch-Pecan ice cream (Borden’s – 1957)

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