San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opens (1937)

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Golden Gate bridge opened

Thousands rush across giant span that cost $35,000,000 to construct

The bridge that “couldn’t be built,” a towering two-mile span across the Golden Gate, was opened Thursday with a mad rush of pedestrians across its neck, and a cheer that, figuratively, echoed up and down the Pacific coast.

Hailed as an achievement of the “impossible,” the $35,000,000 structure began its useful existence by bearing a milling army of visitors and San Franciscoans [sic], all in fiesta mood.

Chairman Arthur M Broth of the fiesta committee said the number crossing the huge span was nearly 100,000 in mid-afternoon. He had expected only that many by night.

Joseph M Strauss, designer and chief engineer of the $35,000,000 Golden Gate bridge, has not forgotten the University of Cincinnati, where he graduated in 1892.

Samuel O Beall, editor of Cincinnati Alumnus association, said Mr Strauss placed a brick from the original university building in one of the bridge’s concrete piers.


Photo 1: The bridge with pedestrians, and one of the ships in the US Fleet passing under the Bridge. Photo 2: The chain-cutting ceremony at the Marin tower (the San Francisco/Marin County line) with San Francisco Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi. Photo 3: The opening ceremony, courtesy San Francisco Public Library

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