51 prize-winning quilt designs (1978)

51 prize-winning quilts

From all across the land

Here, chosen from 9954 entries in our Great Quilt Contest, announced in the October 1976 issue, all 51 winners, beginning with the national winner (prize, $2500) — the magnificent Ray of Light Medallion Quilt created by Jinny Bayer of Fairfax, Virginia, with subtle color combinations, imaginative quilting.

51-prize-winning-quilt-designs-march-1978 (2)


The South

Below: Quilted montage of the Pi Beta Phi Craft School, by Caroline Riddle, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

51-prize-winning-quilt-designs-march-1978 (3)

51-prize-winning-quilt-designs-march-1978 (4)


The Midwest

Sunburst quilt, a blaze of color, by Helen Downs, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

51-prize-winning-quilt-designs-march-1978 (5)

51-prize-winning-quilt-designs-march-1978 (6)


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