The hottest Parker vintage board games from the ’60s: Sorry, Risk, Clue, Monopoly & other classics

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The hottest Parker board games from the '60s Sorry, Risk, Clue, Monopoly other classics
Vintage board games: Fun to give… and to receive! Famous Parker Games (1964)

Sorry – Parker Brothers Slide Pursuit Game

A really fine family game! Fun for adults, yet easily learned, with a balance of luck and skill that gives even the youngest a chance to win.

Risk – Continental Game

Dramatic contest for control of continents and the world, puts power against power as crises mount. Realistic as today’s headlines!

Spill and Spell – Dice word game

Spill the 15 lettered cubes, create crosswords with the letters that come up. Unique scoring. Play alone or with a group. Hours of fun!

1964 vintage board games - Sorry - Risk - Spill and Spell

Clue – Detective game

A thrilling game for the amateur private eye. Players try to uncover the who, where and how from clues to a challenging mystery.

Mille Bornes – French card game

From France, the first really new card game in ages! You wine mileage points, roadblock opponents in an exciting cross-country trip.

Winnie-the-Pooh – Picture story game

Beloved A A Milne characters are moved on a picture story board. Kindergarten youngsters play by color; no reading, no counting!

1964 vintage board games - Clue - Mille Bornes - Winnie the Pooh

Monopoly – Real estate trading game

Buy, sell, trade, even bluff your way to a real estate empire! Everyone can be a millionaire, or go broke, in the world’s most popular game.

Rook – Flinch – Pit – Popular card games

Three all-time favorite card games offering hours of party and family fun for children and grown-ups too. you’ll surely want all three.

Formula 1 car racing game

A lively racing game where driving skill pays off! Instrument panels show tire and brake wear, speed, laps to go. No two races alike!

1964 vintage board games - Monopoly - Pit - Flinch - Rook - Formula 1

Vintage board games: Merry Christmas gifts of Parker Games make a Happy New Year (1961)

Monopoly: Parker Brothers Real Estate Trading Game

You make a million in real estate? Of course! Anyone can… playing the world’s most famous game! $4.00-$5.00

Sorry: Parker Brothers Slide Pursuit Game

You can chase the other players nearly all around the board and still win. Just one lucky slide ahead will do it. $3.00

Clue: Parker Brothers Detective Game

Be a private eye! Deduce what befell a wealthy man from the evidence you’ll uncover as you search his mansion. $3.50

Risk: Parker Brothers Continental Game

You’re a power in the world, pitting your strategy against others in dramatic moves spanning continents and oceans. $7.50


The beloved AA Milne characters and illustrated board make this a truly delightful game for very little folks. $2.00

Vintage Parker board games from 1961
Wide World: Parker Brothers Air Travel Game

You jet from continent to continent, combining tourist pleasures with business for the “points” you need to win. $3.00

“1863”: Parker Brothers Civil War Game

Now you can rewrite history! Editors of Life devised the game to Centennial tacticians could out-guess the generals. $4.00

Also makers of Careers – Rook – Kimbo – Flag Game – Camelot – Trade Winds – Pollyanna

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