Kiddie Koop: A baby crib that closes so mom can do chores (1950)

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Your baby will be safer… easier to care for in Kiddie-Koop

Trimble’s Practical Safety Crib

A bouncy new baby is wonderful fun — but quite a burden, too!

This practical safety crib will make Baby even more fun, because Trimble’s Kiddie-Koop makes baby care easier for you… safer for Baby. When you put Baby in safety-screened Kiddie-Koop. he’s there to stay. He can’t get out, can’t throw toys out… pets and older children can’t hurt him… he is safe — and you know it, even if you are out of sight!

Go to your department, furniture or baby store — ask about the Trimble Kiddie-Koop. You will see how attractive and practical this safety crib is — and it’s economical, for you’ll use it from birth to big bed age, and it comes complete with special wet-proof Vinylite covered Hairflex mattress.


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“It’s easier to keep my baby safe in Kiddie-Koop.”

Young mothers are all alike when it comes to Kiddie-Koop baby care… they like it!

In Kiddie-Koop, Baby enjoys his sleep AND his play and exercise in perfect safety. You are free to do the thousand things you must do with a new baby in the house.

You are free because safety-screened Kiddie-Koop keeps Baby where you want him — keeps toys where he can reach them — keeps pets, older children from hurting him. Baby is safe and you know it, even when you are busy with Other things.

Kiddie-Koop also rolls from room to room, folds to fit the car. Comes complete with mattress. See Kiddie-Koop at your department, furniture or baby store.

A world of safety for Baby… a world of help to you! Write for FREE booklet “Trimble Helps for Mothers”

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