Kiddie Koop: A baby crib that closes so mom can do chores (1950)

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Your baby will be safer… easier to care for in Kiddie-Koop

Trimble’s Practical Safety Crib

A bouncy new baby is wonderful fun — but quite a burden, too!

This practical safety crib will make Baby even more fun, because Trimble’s Kiddie-Koop makes baby care easier for you… safer for Baby. When you put Baby in safety-screened Kiddie-Koop. he’s there to stay. He can’t get out, can’t throw toys out… pets and older children can’t hurt him… he is safe — and you know it, even if you are out of sight!

Go to your department, furniture or baby store — ask about the Trimble Kiddie-Koop. You will see how attractive and practical this safety crib is — and it’s economical, for you’ll use it from birth to big bed age, and it comes complete with special wet-proof Vinylite covered Hairflex mattress.


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“It’s easier to keep my baby safe in Kiddie-Koop.”

Young mothers are all alike when it comes to Kiddie-Koop baby care… they like it!

In Kiddie-Koop, Baby enjoys his sleep AND his play and exercise in perfect safety. You are free to do the thousand things you must do with a new baby in the house.

You are free because safety-screened Kiddie-Koop keeps Baby where you want him — keeps toys where he can reach them — keeps pets, older children from hurting him. Baby is safe and you know it, even when you are busy with Other things.

Kiddie-Koop also rolls from room to room, folds to fit the car. Comes complete with mattress. See Kiddie-Koop at your department, furniture or baby store.

A world of safety for Baby… a world of help to you! Write for FREE booklet “Trimble Helps for Mothers”

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  1. My earliest memory is of lying on my back in a screened outdoor crib that looked just like this one. It was painted a yellowish cream. Sam, the black cat, was on the top switching his tail as he looked down at me, growling. This was probably in 1952 or 3.
    The crib got in such poor condition in my parents’ damp basement that I threw it out probably in the 1980s. The screens were steel so had rusted, falling apart in spots. The legs had rotted until the casters fell out.

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