Idea for a baby bouncer (1896)

To keep a baby quiet

John E Ring of Chatham, New York, has invented an apparatus to give babies plenty of air and exercise without making too much work for “mamma.” The apparatus is simplicity itself and appears to be absolutely safe.

There is not much to Mr Ring’s invention. The principal part is a long pole of tough, springy wood with a fastening device at its lower end and a fixed block of wood to act as a fulcrum.

On the upper end of the pole a basket, or rather receptacle, is hung in which baby can be placed and allowed to “jump” himself to his heart’s content. To adapt the same apparatus to babies of different weights, there is a supplementary steel spring on the under side of the pole so arranged that it can be engaged in a ratchet and give it different degrees of stiffness.

The basket in which the baby is placed can be made as ornamental as desired.

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