Walkman instruction manual (1982)

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Walkman F1: Sony FB stereo cassette player WM-F1

Operating instructions: Before operating this high-quality electronic unit, please read this operating manual thoroughly so that you can obtain the maximum enjoyment from the unit.

Walkman parts identification

  1. Function selector
  2. TUNING knob
  3. VOL (volume) control
  4. PHONES (headphone) jacks (stereo mini-jacks)
  5. Dial scale
  6. FM STEREO indicator
  7. BATT (battery) indicator
  8. Cassette compartment
  9. PLAY (playback) button
  10. STOP/EJECT button
  11. Rewind/review button
  12. PB EQ (playback equalizer) selector
  13. Fast forward/cue button
  14. DX/LOCAL selector
  15. DC IN 6V (external power input) jack
  16. Battery compartment
  17. Clip
  18. Stereo headphones (supplied)


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