New super-locomotive train capable of 100 MPH (1937)

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad - The Royal Blue

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad - The Royal Blue train c1937

Baltimore & Ohio completes design for powerful new type of faster locomotive

New super-locomotive capable of 100 MPH

A 16-cylinder streamlined steam super-locomotive capable of whisking 14 standard Pullman cars along at a speed of 100 miles an hour on a level, straight track will make its appearance soon in the railroad world.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad announced today it had completed the design of such a locomotive which, it explained, “is a radical departure from the conventional type, but which nevertheless incorporates fundamental engineering and mechanical principles whose efficiency has been amply proved.”

The first of the rail giants, calculated to produce 5,000 horsepower, is expected to be ready for road tests in about six months.

It’s 16 cylinders, arranged for constant torque propulsion, will produce a continuous flow of power direct to the axles of the engine’s eight driving wheels. The result, the announcement said, will be a smoothness and minimum vibration similar to that of a multicylindered automobile.

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Each of the four driving axles will be driven by a steam motor. Each motor will have four cylinders geared direct to the axle, giving the total of 16 cylinders with 32 power impulses for each revolution of the steam motors.

An important advantage of this steady stream of power to the driving wheels will be to furnish better traction. The screeching and skidding resulting when the sudden force of the inrushing steam strikes the driving pistons of the old locomotive types are to be eliminated.

The new locomotive will weigh about 400,000 pounds, heavier, the announcement said, than any other passenger engine now in service. Its tractive power will be 72,500 pounds.

Its ultra-stream line design will give an appearance resembling somewhat that of a huge artillery shell.

B&O Railroad completes design of locomotive that has 5000 HP

16-cylinder constant torque locomotive

This 16-cylinder constant torque locomotive just designed by the Baltimore & Ohio is a radical departure from the conventional type, but embodies mechanical principles the efficiency of which has been proved.

Rated at 5000 horsepower, it is believed capable of handling 14 Pullman cars at a sustained speed of 100 mile an hour on straight-level track It’s thirty-two power impulses for each revolution of the steam motors give it the smooth-running qualities of a multi-cylinder automobile. Absence of all reciprocating parts eliminates vibration and track poundage.

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