Did you know the Commodore VIC computer could do all this? (1983)

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If you own a Commodore VIC you know it can do all this…

1983 commodore vic 2

But did you know for about $100 you can also get it to do all this?

1983 commodore computer

The Commodore VIC 20 computer

  • Basic programming
  • Word processing
  • Personal finance
  • Visible solar system
  • Bingo/ speed math
  • Cosmic cruncher
  • Adventure land
  • Biorhythms
  • Super Smash
  • Radar Rat Race
  • Jupiter Lander
  • Chess
  • Vic Avenger Gorf
  • Omega Race
  • Employment opportunities
  • Wire news service
  • Shop at home
  • The Source
  • Commodore information network
  • College planning
  • IQ tests
  • Dow Jones
  • Electronic mail
  • Tax advice
  • Games
  • World Book Encyclopedia
  • Travel information
  • Movie reviews
  • Sports news

These are just a few examples from our existing library of software available for the VIC 20.

A Commodore Vicmodem

What those extra few dollars get you is a simple little device called a Commodore VICMODEM. It connects your telephone to your VIC 20 or Commodore 64 computer (resulting in something aptly called telecomputing), giving you access to information such as you see on the screens to your right. Normally, you’d have to type a short program into your computer to help it make the final transition into a telecomputer.

However, when you buy a VICMODEM, you’ll find we’ve included a free software program. You just load it into your Commodore Datasette Recorder and presto (give or take a moment or two), you have access to a vast library of information and games.

Speaking of free, Commodore also includes a free subscription and a free hour’s time on CompuServe and Dow Jones News/ Retrieval Service, a free trial offer on The Source, and a discount program offer with Comp-U-Store and General Videotex Corp.

Commodore Information Network

Let’s see. Did we leave anything out? Oh, yes. Along with CompuServe comes a free membership in the Commodore Information Network. This is your HOTLINE to Commodore. (How often do you get to speak directly to a manufacturer?) Through it we can answer any questions you might have about your computer, or programming, or anything else Commodore-related, via electronic mail.

The Commodore Information Network is also your direct line to the Commodore Bulletin Board, which Commodore owners use to keep in touch with each other, for programming tips, Public Domain Software, and technical support.

Altogether, these little extras we’ve included with our VICMODEM add up to a value of $197.50. A nice return on an investment of about $100.

Some computer companies think it’s reasonable to ask as much as $500 for telecomputing capabilities such as ours. However, with the Commodore VICMODEM selling for around $100, we feel we’re being a whole lot more reasonable. Don’t you agree?


Commodore VIC ad, featuring William Shatner (1982)

Commodore VIC 20: “The wonder computer of the 1980s. Under $300.” – William Shatner

“The best computer value in the world today. The only computer you’ll need for years to come.”

Commodore VIC-20 computer ad 1982

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