Live Jetsons-style in the home of tomorrow! Ideas for retro-futuristic space-age inventions (1958-1961)

Imagine getting paid to create wild atomic-age 'inventions'


Look Ma — no kitchen! Be prepared for the day when cooking will be done right at the table, practically in an instant, using electronically-generated heat waves.

Microwave cooking is already being tested in big industrial cafeterias. A raw potato is baked in three minutes, and pre-cooked food warmed in less than fifteen seconds.

So, for the future, you’ll buy all kinds of pre-cooked foods at the grocery, maybe store them in compartments right inside the dining table, “bring them up for a look” when the family sits down, then select the menu on the spot and cook it in a trice. The old saw about “slaving over a hot stove all day” will be as obsolete as the dodo bird.

Future kitchen instant cookers Jun_18_1961 - retro-futuristic space-age inventions


Future combination bathroom lounge_May_18_1958


Some unusual inventions for home entertainment and education will be yours in the future, such as the “television recorder” that RCA’s David Sarnoff described recently.

With this device, when a worthwhile program comes over the air while you are away from home, or even while you’re watching it, you’ll be able to preserve both the picture and sound on tape for replaying at any time. Westinghouse’s Gwilym Price expects such tapes to reproduce shows in three dimensions and color on screens as shallow as a picture.

Another push-button development will be projection of microfilm books on the ceiling or wall in large type. To increase their impact on students, an electronic voice may accompany the visual passages.

Electronic home library Feb_1_1959 - retro-futuristic space-age inventions


traveling homes Dec_13_1959


A completely automatic solar-powered lawn mower is already in the advanced research stage. Moto-Mower engineers figure on controlling it with a roll of perforated tape, like a business machine computer, and powering it with stored-up sunrays.

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When grass reaches cutting height, an electric eye will impel the mower to trundle out of its storage box, follow a precise cutting pattern, adjust to moisture and obstacles, dispose of grass clippings, return to storage, and finally, shut itself off.

The mower will be easily adjustable so that it can dispense fertilizer or plow snow.

Backyard solar lawnmower inventions Jun_28_1959 - retro-futuristic space-age inventions


TV beam bouncer satellite invention March 12 1961 - retro-futuristic space-age inventions


Don’t be surprised if many of tomorrow’s homes are built on turntables. They would slowly pivot all day long to receive maximum benefit from health-giving sun rays and ensure heat in winter.

This warm and colorful year-round design is adapted from an Alcoa summer house, which has been studied and admired by architects. It would be built, together with a patio, over a service and garage area.

Ground and living level would connect through a glass-enclosed staircase. Two-way glare could bring the outside view to those on the inside, while protecting the latter from inquisitive passersby.

Follow the sun architecture May_3_1959

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