Dorothy Lamour & Dinah Shore on FM radio (1945)

Dorothy Lamour on FM Radio

Listen — it’s Dorothy Lamour herself in natural color on FM radio

Dorothy Lamour… A beloved voice, floating on velvety silence… so breathlessly real that suddenly you realize something truly revolutionary has taken place.

This is Lamour on General Electric FM — the radio with “natural color” tone… brilliantly new and entirely different from conventional radio which misses more than half the range of tones you ought to hear.

FM (Frequency Modulation) brings you all the gorgeous, resonant beauty of the voice — because you hear those thrilling and delicate overtones that give to each voice its own inimitable richness and glowing charm.

This is General Electric FM “natural color” radio. It is radio that reaches new heights of tonal fidelity, with static, fading and station interference reduced to the vanishing point. It is the kind of radio you will want to own after Victory.


Dinah Shore on FM Radio

Exciting new beauty — Dinah Shore singing in natural color on a great new radio

One great day an entirely new kind of radio will being Dinah’s voice in all its original glowing beauty — every thrilling note crystal clear and richly-rounded.


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