The Dictaphone Time-Master (1955-1958)

Dictaphone: Here’s the secret (1955)

Here’s the secret of the world’s most timeaving, worksaving, money-saving dictating machine — the Dictaphone Time-Master. This secret is the Dictabelt Record. It’s crystal clear, unbreakable, mailable, postcard size, filable — and it records an average day’s dictation for just a few pennies. Write for Dictaphone’s illustrated booklet — “Communication.” We’ll send you a free Dictabelt, too.


Dictabelt records (1956)

Easiest way to do a week’s dictation: put it on 5 Dictabelt records
1956-dictaphone belts

Effortless dictation (1958)

… is what you get with the automatic dictation machine

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