Quick brown fox: Smith-Corona portable typewriters (1964)

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The wisdom of giving a Royal portable for graduation.

You’ve probably heard that a portable typewriter can help students make the most of their learning abilities, can help them earn better grades.

Studies conducted in public schools by several American universities have demonstrated this. It underscores why a portable could be a parent’s wisest graduation-gift investment. But why a Royal portable? For one, a Royal offers greater conveniences, is easiest to use. For instance. on the Safari above, you roll up paper evenly with just one zip of the knob. No adjusting and re-adjusting.

You set margins instantaneously by push button with Magic Margin. You change ribbons in nine seconds by replacing two cartridges. One way or another, all Royal portables are so gifted. Each has a full-size keyboard, liveliest keys of any portable, the craftsmanship of Royal’s rugged office typewriter.

smith-corona-portable-typewriters-1964 (1)


The quick brown fox has met his master

The speed of electric typing in a portable… and only Smith-Corona makes one.

Students have been up against the quick brown fox since typing began. It’s part of a sentence with all the letters of the alphabet … one of the first things students tap out on a typewriter. Now it’s met its master — the Smith-Corona’ electric portable. No other portable has the power to make fur fly like the Smith-Corona electric.

No other portable has such power and strength. The all-steel frame completely surrounds the heart of each machine for added protection. Electrostatic finish defies bruises. And who but Smith-Corona builds portables (electric and manual) so solid we can back them with a full five-year guarantee? (Most others forget your name after 90 days.)

Buying a portable? Be foxy. Now is the time to check into Smith-Corona!

smith-corona-portable-typewriters-1964 (2)

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