What a surprise! Celebrities with milk mustaches (1990s)

What a surprise! Celebrities with milk mustaches (1990s)
What a surprise! Milk is spreading across the lips of celebrities

New campaign launched to reverse attitudes causing milk-drinking decline

Milk is out to surprise America. More than 20 top-name celebrities will be sporting milk mustaches in a new $52 million education program intent on informing consumers about the health, nutrition and taste benefits of milk.

Lauren Bacall, Christie Brinkley, Naomi Campbell, Joan Rivers, Vanna White and a host of other top-name stars are teaming up with the nation’s milk processors in the “Milk, What a Surprise!” public-education campaign that debuts in February issues of many national magazines.

“Our goal is to change those attitudes that are keeping people from enjoying the great taste of milk and causing them to turn, instead, to less nutritious beverages like diet soft drinks and bottled waters. Many of these attitudes stem from certain misconceptions fostered by lifestyle changes or just a plain lack of understanding about milk’s superior nutritional package,” says Charles E. Decker, executive director of the National Fluid Milk Processor Education Program.

The “Milk, What a Surprise!” campaign is designed to educate consumers, especially women ages 25 to 44, about the nutritional value that these and other varieties of milk offer, and dispel the myths that have impeded consumption. – The Daily Chronicle (De Kalb, Illinois) – February 15, 1995

Actresses Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston (1995)

We’re such good friends, if I got invited to a big Hollywood party, I’d call you the minute I got home. Or if you had stuff on your face, I’d tell you, sooner or later. Right, like now, sort of. But this is to tell more women to drink skim milk. It has all the calcium without all the fat. Well, isn’t that what friends are for?

Milk. What a surprise!

Milk what a surprise - Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston 1995

Actress Lauren Bacall

I’m often called a legend, a title I’m less than fond of. In my eyes, legends are dead. And me, well, I feel more alive than ever. My secret? Oh, maybe it’s all the milk I have. 2%, ice-cold, straight up. With nine essential nutrients and all that calcium, it’s certainly better to have than have not.

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MILK – What a surprise!

Milk mustache - Lauren Bacall

Supermodel Naomi Campbell

You’re probably going to hate me, but I’ve never dieted a day in my life. Being so busy, I usually grab something real quick. But I also drink lots of milk… It’s just what my body needs. Well, that and a closet full of ultrashort, supertight little black dresses.

Milk mustache - supermodel Naomi Campbell

Singer Tony Bennett

Talk about being hot. People just can’t seem to get enough. Of milk, that is — skim and 1% milk are a great way to reduce fat in your diet.

Milk – What a surprise!

Milk mustache - Tony Bennett

Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune

Sure I worry about osteoporosis. Who wouldn’t, with over 20 million women suffering from it? Which is why I drink lots of skim milk. All the calcium helps keep my bones real strong, not to mention what it does for my perfect smile.

Milk mustache - Vanna White

Supermodel Christie Brinkley

What? I know — you’ve never seen a cover girl with a mustache before. Well, get used to it. The milk, I mean… it’s one of the best things around. Well, that and waterproof mascara, of course.

Milk – What a surprise!

Milk mustache - Christie Brinkley 1995

Actress Isabella Rossellini

You can take me out of Europe, but you can’t take the Europe out of me. I have to have my cappuccino every morning. And what do I put in it? Read my lips. Milk. 1% low fat.

Milk mustache - Isabella Rossellini

Director/actor Ron Howard (1997)

Growing up, I got good at taking direction… So I still drink milk. Only now, I’m the one giving direction.

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Milk – Where’s your mustache?

Milk mustache - Ron Howard

Joan Rivers

Can we talk? Fattening? Oh, grow up. It’s skim milk — and I love it… Between you and me, Spike — no more problem thighs for us.

Milk mustache - Joan Rivers

Olympic ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi

6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0! If I had to rate milk as an after-sports drink, it would definitely get the gold… And how do I like it? On ice, of course.

Milk – What a surprise! National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board

Milk mustache - Kristi Yamaguchi

Joan Lunden

Most people think I must drink at least 10 cups of coffee to be so perky in the morning. But the truth is, I like skim milk first thing. It has all the same nutrients as whole milk without all the fat. And besides, my husband got the coffee maker.

Milk - What a surprise - with Joan Lunden 1995

Supermodel Iman

I have to admit — I was sort of born with this body. But that was a long time ago. And now I have to work hard to keep it up. So what do I recommend? Ice-cold skim milk. With nine essential nutrients and no fat, it’s everything a woman could want. Well, that and a chance to meet my husband — I guess.

Milk – What a surprise!

Milk mustache - supermodel Iman

Singer Billy Ray Cyrus (1995)

If you won’t listen to my advice on achy-breaky hearts, maybe you’ll listen to what the American Heart Association has to say. They’ve also been singing the praises of 1 percent and skim milk as a way to reduce fat in your diet. And with all the same nutrients as whole milk, I believe they’re headed for the top of the charts.

Milk. What a surprise!

Milk What a Surprise Billy Ray Cyrus 1995

Christie Brinkley and two of her kids

No caffeine. No alcohol. No sushi. When you’re a pregnant or nursing mother, there are lots of nos. But there is one big yes. Milk. And there’s practically nothing your body needs more right now than all that calcium. Except sleep, but let’s be realistic.

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Christie Brinkley with children Alexa Ray Joel and Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook

Milk mustache - Christie Brinkley with kids 1996

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