Music! Comedy! The wonder of Edison’s new phonograph player

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Everybody dances when the phonograph plays (1907)

The dance music of the Edison Phonograph is irresistible.

Its selections are clear, distinct, tuneful and in perfect time. It offers the most fascinating waltzes and spirited two-steps of the world’s, great composers as well as the popular dance music of the hour. It is a military band or a symphony orchestra at will, affording a delightful and widely varied program without expense or attention.

The Phonograph represents the personal work of Mr. Edison, the inventor of the talking machine idea. Hear it at any Edison store; you must compare it with others to fully appreciate its entertaining powers.

An unfailing source of real entertainment (1907)

Start an Edison Phonograph going anywhere and it immediately becomes the center of interest. As an entertainer, it has no competition — its fund of music, songs, or stories is unlimited.

With each new record, whether an air from the latest musical comedy, a waltz or two-step by band or orchestra, a selection from grand opera or a ballad of long ago, the Phonograph becomes a new pleasure. A Phonograph in your home means enjoyment for each member of the family and for all occasions. Hear it at any Edison store.

Have you a Phonograph? (1907)

How long has it been since you have critically listened to one? Do you know how good The Edison Phonograph is today, how pure the tone, how satisfying the reproduction? If you have one, you know. If you have not one, you ought to know-it’s easy to know.

Somewhere near you there is an Edison Store. Go there and hear. Learn how inexpensive it is for a complete outfit, including records — and how favorable the terms. Then think of the pleasure you can give yourself, your family and your friends with the world’s best music, its most catchy songs and the monologues and dialogues of its funniest comedians. And after doing all this you’ll buy one — you simply can’t help it.

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What you want is your kind of music. (1906)

It may be classical or it may be “rag-time.” It may be the “hit” of the latest musical comedy or it may be a selection from “Faust.”

With the Edison Improved Phonograph, you can have your kind of music and your friends can have their kind. This wonderful music- maker has no single specialty. It is a versatile entertainer. It produces, With fidelity, the songs of all singers; the music of the masters; the old tunes as well as the popular airs of the day.

“The American Nights Entertainment,” a booklet which will suggest many ways of making home more desirable than the club, which will help entertain friends, which will give ideas for money-making programs, sent free on request.

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled (1907)

To the Edison Phonograph can be applied the old saying: “A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.” It is the art of entertainment expressed in tangible form. Three is never a crowd when one of the three is an Edison Phonograph. Love songs, dances, funny songs, ballads, all kinds of music in your own home, with less trouble and greater enjoyment than any other form of entertainment, and especially than any form of musical entertainment. Today is the best day for going to your dealer’s to hear an Edison. You cannot possibly know how well the Edison Phonograph reproduces by listening to any other make of talking machine.

The Joys of the Phonograph (1907)

Edison has produced in the Phonograph the greatest amuser of modern times — the most perfect instrument for reproducing music, the human voice and other sounds.

There is only one Phonograph, and that was invented by Mr Edison and is made under his supervision. Naturally, the best form of a sound-producing machine is the one in which the inventor takes a personal interest — not an adaptation of his idea by others.

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As a reproducer of music, it brings into the home every form of music, some of which would cost a great deal bought in any other way.

But its best use all over this great continent is as an entertainer, amusing in every home crowds of people, young and old, every evening, with its marvelous reproduction of songs, dialogues, instrumental music and every other form of entertainment produced by sound.

To get all the fun you can out of such an instrument you must get the Edison Phonograph, and in order to know how much better it is than other talking machines you must compare them. Go to your nearest dealer and judge for yourself.

Every new Record renews the Edison Phonograph. It is what you hear in the Phonograph that makes it interesting, not the Phonograph itself. So keep your Phonograph always fresh by supplying it with the newest Records. Hear the November Records at your nearest store, and then order them there.

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