News, advice, comedy & more on the CBS Radio Network (1960s)

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One immediate reason to turn to your CBS Radio Station and stay there: News!

You don’t need much of a radio station to give you a quick sketch of the news. Which is exactly why there’s nothing sketchy about the news on a CBS Radio Network station.

It’s the one that really fills you in. Complete news on the hour. At least 10 minutes of hourly news weekdays. Outstanding news features like “World News Roundup” and “The World Tonight.” And top reporters all the time.

The men who deliver our news have the depth and experience and insight you want. The eight correspondents in this ad, for example, are voices you recognize. And they are only eight of a famous world-wide staff.

But don’t take our word for it. Tune in on your CBS Radio station (listed opposite) for one whole day.

You’ll know what’s happening in the world. And around the corner, too.

The CBS Radio Network — 10-18-1965


Some pretty funny reasons to turn to your CBS Radio Station. (and stay there)

Really funny people don’t need tricks or gimmicks. All they have to do is be themselves. On CBS Radio every weekday.

Arthur Godfrey keeps the hilarity spinning with guests like Carol Channing, Danny Kaye, Orson Bean, Dean Martin. Lucille Ball means more star sparkle, entertaining visitors like Red Skelton, Mary Tyler Moore and many others. And Art Linkletter’s show is full of unpredictable delight. He talks to children.

That’s weekdays on CBS Radio. And there’s lots more. Newsmen such as Douglas Edwards, Walter Cronkite, Lowell Thomas and correspondents around the world keep you up-to-the-minute. Frank Gifford, Jack Drees, Phil Rizzuto cover sports with inside dope, scores and donnybrooks. And dozens of Dimension features brighten your week with sidelights on everything.

Turn to your CBS Radio Station listed opposite for one pretty serious reason: great listening. All week long.

The CBS Radio Network — 4-19-1965


If the world situation has you emotionally mixed up, listen to our analyst. On CBS Radio.

Walter Cronkite is the kind of newsman other newsmen listen to on their day off. And with good reason. Walter’s knowledge and sense of history bring order and understanding to world events. Order and understanding we all can use.

But Walter isn’t the only good news on the CBS Radio Network.

There’s Allan Jackson, Douglas Edwards, Harry Reasoner, Mike Wallace, Richard C Hottelet, Reid Collins, Eric Sevareid, Lowell Thomas, Dallas Townsend and a lot more. Virtually a who’s who of award-winning CBS News correspondents.

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Tune to your local CBS Radio station (listed opposite) today. You’ll find there’s no news like our news.

The CBS Radio Network — 03-07-1966


1/2 doz choice reasons to turn to your CBS Radio Station. (And stay there.)

No place but no place in radio can you find stars like these stars. Not just once a week but every weekday. Not just the ones shown here, but lots more.

News by Douglas Edwards, Richard C Hottelet and other crack CBS Newsmen. Comedy and laughter with Arthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter, guest celebrities. Latest sports from men who know the score – like Frank Gifford and Phil Rizzuto. The fact is, there’s just too much here to miss. So turn to your CBS Radio station listed opposite. And stay there. Because the listening is choice. Every weekday. At home… in your car… wherever you are.

The CBS Radio Network — 03-15-1965



Dear Abby

If you’ve got personal problems, listen to Dear Abby on the CBS Radio Network. Maybe you’ll feel a little better.

The CBS Radio Network — 04-04-1966

Dear Abby-04-04-1966

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