Jack, the diving dog (1896)

A diving dog

Jack is only three years old, but he has a record of having dived from a height of more than seventy feet.

Jack is a dog, and is a native son, having been born in Alameda. He was first the property of Dana Thompson, the weil-known diver, and under him took his first lessons in the aquatic sport. He is now owned by Professor May Gay, also a natatorial performer of prominence. It was under his present master’s tuition that Jack developed his remarkable talent for high diving.

This canine wonder is a cross between a Scotch and a Skye terrier, and first came into notice at the baths along the Alameda shore. He appears to thoroughly enjoy his distinction, and his performances are marked with all the airs and affectation of the experienced circus acrobat.

He ascends to his aerial post at a word from his trainer, but will not undertake the leap into the water except on hearing the report of a pistol. In most cases dogs who make exceptionally high dives have to be pushed off, but Jack is not of this kind. At the signal, he gazes down into the water to see if the locality is clear of all objects. Should there be some one in the way Jack’s bark warns the individual of his intrusion. The way having been cleared, Jack throws his shaggy little head from one side to the other, as if saluting the audience, leaps off and invariably strikes the water head first.

Jack is billed to appear at the benefit to be given to the members of the California Swimming Club at the Sutro baths on next Wednesday evening. He is the mascot of the club.

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Photo: A similar type of dog (Scottish-Skye Terrier) but not really Jack

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