Escape: Rock band Journey gets their own video game (1983)

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Journey band video game 1983

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

The Journey video game, Journey Escape, was released in 1982 with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. So how come you don’t remember it?

Whether it was because the “rock band in a video game” concept was weak, the quality was low (one newspaper called it a “deadening bore”) or the video game market and Journey’s fans didn’t have enough crossover to make it a hit, the game failed. Badly. So badly, in fact, that the company, Data Age, reportedly couldn’t recoup their promotional investment or the music licensing fees. By 1984, the company had stopped believin’ and filed for bankruptcy.

Journey band video game 1983

Are you ready for the first rock ‘n’ roll video game?

Data Age, a California-based maker of video games, hopes you are. It has entered into an agreement with Journey, one of the top-selling bands in rock music, to make a video game based on the group’s hit album, Escape.

The game, called Journey Escape, is meant for home use and sells for about $35. Data Age is banking on the fact that today’s teens seem to have two top interests — video games and rock music. It’s betting the combination of these two interests will make Journey Escape a sure-fire hit.

The idea of the game is to get each of the musicians of Journey to their Escape module before time and money run out. The player must guide the musicians through a maze of managers, promoters, and groupies. During the game, the machine plays music from two of Journey’s songs, “Escape” and “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The game will definitely be a hit with one group of people: Journey themselves. The band loves to play video games in between concerts. In fact, drummer Steve Smith is reported to have scored 1.5 million on Defender! The group has even had game consoles installed on its tour buses. Now that’s journeying in style! – Dynamite Magazine (1983)

Article about Journey video game


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Are you hot enough to play with Journey?

Introducing “JOURNEY ESCAPE,” the challenging new DATA AGE Video Game

You ‘re on the road with America’s hottest rock group, Journey. And they ‘re counting on you. You’re the only player who can help Journey make it to their scarab escape vehicle. Only you can outsmart the promoters, avoid the photographers and fight off the love-crazed groupies. If you can handle it! It’s a tough game. As Journey says, “Some will win, some will lose…”

Are you hot enough to play with Journey? Don’t stop believin’. Get your JOURNEY ESCAPE video game today!

Journey band video game 1983

Journey band video game 1983

Escape into video land: Journey video game

As record sales slump, rock group lends name to video game

While sales of record albums have been on the decline for the past two years, the video-game market has been expanding rapidly. Now, Journey, the San Francisco-based rock group, has allowed their name and image to be used in a video game. A detail from the game-cartridge package is shown at right. How the game would appear on a screen is rendered below.

1983 Journey video game cover and screen

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