Annie Oakley – The wonderful female wing shot photographed

Some of her notable feats — Shooting an apple from a man’s head with only a mirror for aim — Sensation of Europe

Miss Annie Oakley, the female champion rifle, wing and trick shot, has created a sensation in England, America, France and in other countries by her wonderful feats of shooting, and has received handsome presents from many sources. Miss Oakley was born in Darks County, Ohio. Ever since a toddling child, she has had an inherent love for firearms and hunting.

At the age of ten, she, as often as ammunition was attainable, would smuggle her brother’s musket and steal into the woods where game at that time was plentiful. Naturally she was a good shot, and came home well supplied with game.

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Annie Oakley with Buffalo Bills Wild West show Italy 1890From the old musket, she passed to shooting a muzzle-loading shot gun, and rapidly became such a fine shot that she rarely missed a quail. Then came a local reputation, and with improved firearms, she attracted wider notice, and for the past four years she has been shooting before the public with great success.

The great Indian chief, Sitting Bull, after seeing her shoot at St. Paul, Minn., adopted her in the Sioux tribe, giving her the name of Muzza Caw Ah Pazzo, or Little Sure Shot.

Besides the thousands of exhibitions she has given, she has shot in twenty-three matches and tournaments, winning nineteen prizes. In April 1884, she attempted to beat the best 1,000-ball record made at balls thrown in the air, using a 22-caliber rifle. The best record was 979, made by Dr Ruth. Miss Oakley broke 943.

February 1885, she attempted the feat of shooting 5,000 balls in one day, using three 16-gauge Parker shotguns and loading them herself. The balls were thrown from three traps at fifteen yards rise. Out of 5,000 shot at she broke 4,772. On the second thousand, she only missed sixteen, making the highest 1000-ball record — 984. This feat was accomplished near Cincinnati in less than nine hours.

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Miss Oakley is also a fine rider and understands how to manage a horse, as the following will show:

In the fall of ’84, a gentleman near Greenville, Ohio, who owned a valuable but vicious and unbroken horse, told her he would give her the horse if she could ride him in less than three days without any assistance. She broke him to saddle, and has used him since when not engaged in her exhibitions, sometimes riding fifty miles in one day.

What makes Miss Oakley’s feats more surprising is the fact that she is small in stature and weighs only 110 pounds. She is now one of the principal attractions of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

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Miss Oakley is the greatest female trick shooter in the world. One-half the feats that the various female shootists in Europe and America daily perform are farcical compared with the feats she accomplishes. She shoots glass balls thrown up in the air in rapid succession. She shoots a nail fastened into a stick three feet in height at twenty-five paces.

Miss Annie Oakley accomplishes nearly every feat any other female shooter performs.

Annie Oakley – Shooting video


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