A Look on the Light Side TV special (1969)

A Look on the Light Side

A Look on the Light Side is a diverting and diverse special that takes in many parts of the country and all four seasons and is hosted by that very clever comedy “team” Bill Dana as Jose Jiminez.

It is a potpourri of Americana that is eye-catching and sometimes breath-taking. Scenes include a snowmobile roundup at Yellowstone national Park with drivers putting the versatile vehicles through , some tortuous tests. There’s also a pancake race, a square dance done with jeeps in the cactus-strewn Arizona desert, a 100-mile per hour race of ice boats over Cass Lake, Michigan, flying kits in San Diego, “shooting the rapids” in Oregon, and college students racing mobile beds in Mobile, Alabama.

The Jefferson Airplane add their psychedelic sounds to the affair, and a new group, The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, who play everything from Bach to Bachrach, play their original composition, “A Look On the Light Side.”

A fun TV special for the whole family

Presented by the Bell System

Sensational, death-defying, scintillating, hair-raising, daring, extraordinary – Go! Run! How to explore the USA in an unexpected way


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