The exclusiveness of a fine motor car (1913)

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Lozier Touring Car for 1912 - from 1911 - Classic automobiles-001

Exclusiveness of fine motor car

At a gathering of enthusiastic motorists the other evening, Mr AW Barber, distribute of Stevens-Duryea motor cars for the Pacific coast, made mention that in a number of instances the distinctiveness of design influenced the closing of a sale fully as much as the price of the car.

He continued that absolute individuality or exclusiveness in anything, whether it be a jewel, tapestry, painting or an article of clothing, or an automobile, is the rarest of features.

The creation of a distinctive character in any article requires so great an expenditure of brains, time and money that most of us are content to follow the lines of least resistance and become mere imitators.

Said Mr AW Barber: “The genuine in everything possesses a value which the spurious imitation falls far short of in the eyes of a person of refined sensibilities. It is for this reason that a woman who demands exclusiveness in everything feels an ineffable pride in making her social calls in a car that stands out with that individuality so difficult to define and so easy to recognize in the creations of every master artist, whether it be in a piece of statuary, a tapestry, a yacht or a motor car.”

Image: Lozier automobile ad, 1911 for the 1912 model year

Lozier Touring Car for 1912 - from 1911 - Classic automobiles

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