Studebaker ’57: Supercharged new Luxury-Level Ride

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Studebaker ’57

This year, craftsmanship makes the big difference in the low-price field!

The only car in America to offer Supercharged Power, Twin Traction, new Luxury-Level Ride

Studebaker '57: Supercharged new Luxury-Level Ride

This year Studebaker engineers bring you a car so superb in its craftsmanship that nothing else in the low price field can touch it — and here’s proof…

… A unique suspension system that combines benefits of both torsion bars and coil springs to bring you a new Luxury-Level Ride — the smoothest you’ve ever known.

… The miracle of Twin Traction, available on all V8’s, giving you new freedom from getting stuck in mud or snow, wonderful new safety on icy roads. Power goes to the rear wheel with the greatest traction to give you a firmer grip. It’s the surer, safer road sense other cars don’t have.

… The biggest choice of power in the field — including a Supercharger… plus the best all-time economy record of any American car.

Yes, in looks, performance, quality, never has Studebaker stood so far above the rest of the low price field. See for yourself… see and try craftsmanship with a flair — at your Studebaker Dealer’s today!

  • New Broadmoor 4-door station wagon
  • New President Classic Sedan
  • New Champion 2-door Sedan
  • New Supercharged Golden Hawk

57 Studebaker classic car

1957 Studebaker-Packard

Whets you buy Studebaker you buy —

CRAFTSMANSHIP in a car more solidly built.

PERFORMANCE in a car more thoroughly tested.

DEPENDABILITY in a car more completely inspected.

SATISFACTION in a car you’ll enjoy longer.


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