See some Studebaker cars from the ’40s: Classic convertibles, sedans & Land Cruisers

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Classic Studebaker cars from the '40s

Thrilling beauty and welcome money-saving make you proud to say you own this 1940 Studebaker Champion

YOU’RE doing the same up-to-the-minute thinking as thousands of other experienced motorists when you choose this beautiful new Studebaker Champion as the best buy in a lowest price car.

The biggest boosters among the Champion’s owners are men and women who have driven other cars of lowest price. They enthusiastically say they never dreamed that any car could give so much downright satisfaction in looks, safety, riding comfort, handling ease, smooth performance and economy as this Champion.

Costs 10% to 25% les to run: Studebaker engineers designed the Champion to be 10% so 25% more saving of gas than any other leading lowest price car. Many Champion owners get even better gas economy.

This roomy, luxuriously upholstered, 6-cylinder Studebaker you money on repairs and upkeep, too, because it is built with the same care and soundness as Studebaker’s famed Commander and President. At no extra cost, you get such conveniences and protections as planar independent suspension, finest hydraulic shock absorbers, steering wheel gear shift, sealed-beam head-lamps, non-slam rotary door latches, front-compartment hood lock, shock-less variable-ratio steering, foot-regulated hydraulic brakes. See your local Studebaker dealer now. Become the proud owner of a Studebaker Champion.

1940 Studebaker Champion cars

1941 Studebaker cars debut

1941 Studebaker cars debut

1941 Studebaker classic cars

1941 Studebaker classic cars

A postwar thrill in style and handling ease … the daringly different 1947 Studebaker

People everywhere talk glowingly about the beautiful styling of the new 1947 Studebaker. But if you’ve merely looked at this amazing new postwar automobile, you haven’t begun to get a real picture of its all-around distinction.

It’s when you drive it that you experience and appreciate its full measure of thrills. You never handled a car that responds the way this postwar Studebaker does. Its exclusive self-adjusting brakes, variable ratio steering and numerous self-acting controls leave you little to do but watch where you’re going.

To your further astonishment, Studebaker engineers have come up with a post-war miracle of stability and riding comfort in the new low-swung design they’ve given the chassis and the body of every new 1947 Champion and Commander. A new standard of balance prevents wander or side-slip when you’re rounding turns. Passengers ride serenely relaxed even when you’re clicking off the miles.

Nobody will be happier than your nearby Studebaker dealer when he is in position to deliver your own distinctive 1947 Champion or Commander. And you will certainly be well rewarded for your patience when that time comes.

STUDEBAKER: First by far with a postwar car

1946 1947 Studebaker cars

The thrilling new 1947 Studebaker

1947 Studebakers - Blue classic car


Fantastically rich socialites pitch the 1941 Studebaker Land Cruisers

In the wilds of Africa or on Park Avenue

“It’s really as thrilling as flying a plane to drive my Skyway Series Studebaker,” says Mrs Lawrence Copley Thaw (noted big game hunter and explorer) 

1941 Skyway Series Studebaker Mrs Lawrence Copley Thaw

Distinctively smart new Studebaker Land Cruiser

“I love to drive… and my new Studebaker is a joy to handle, says socially-prominent Mrs Pierpont Morgan Hamilton

Park Avenue has put the seal of its approval on this beautiful new Studebaker Land Cruiser for more reasons than the eye beholds.

1941 Studebaker Land Cruiser Mrs Pierpont Morgan Hamilton

Travel in a delightful new world of motoring comfort

“Blood lines count… in cars as well as horses,” says Studebaker owner Mrs Priscilla St George Duke

Lovely Mrs Duke of New York and Tuxedo Park, formerly Miss Priscilla St George, is famed as one of America’s youngest dog show judges.

Distinctively smart new 1941 Studebaker Land Cruiser – Available on Commander Six and President Eight chassis

1941 Studebaker Land Cruiser Mrs Priscilla St George Duke

Such a favorite with the smart younger set

“Driving my new Studebaker is really thrilling,” says popular young socialite Miss Brenda Frazier.

“It’s such an alive motor car,” says Miss Frazier. “It’s so responsive to the touch, and it’s finished and styled so smartly! Raymond Loewy, who had a hand in designing it, is certainly to be complimented.”

1941 Studebaker Land Cruiser

1941 Studebaker Land Cruiser Miss Brenda Frazier


Dream car for a heavenly honeymoon! ’49 Studebaker convertible

THIS HONEYMOON actually is a threesome, believe it or not. Look close and you find that there’s a welcome “third” on the trip. It’s that thrill-packed new Studebaker convertible! Hollywood photographer Paul Hesse says he never did a color shot that intrigued him more. Everything’s in the right mood — the car — the people—the setting!

You can see for yourself that this convertible is a dream car any young-minded person would want to own. Everywhere it goes, it rides low, wide and handsome straight into a special place in the affections of discriminating Americans! Here’s the new look in cars that Studebaker originated-plus a great deal more. Here’s a soft-sprung new kind of road-hugging stability that’s unusual in a sports car.

See all the new Studebaker Champions and Commanders — the sedans and coupes as well as the convertibles—and don’t forget the fabulously fine, extra-long-wheelbase Land Cruiser!

Aug 2, 1948 Studebaker

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