The ’59 Ford Ranch station wagon: Designed for families on a budget

LIFE Jun 1, 1959 Ford Station Wagon

’59 Fords: Gas goes a whole lot farther…

Savings reach new heights in this new Ford Ranch Wagon … designed for families living it up on a budget. All six Ford Wagons — Standard Six or Thunderbird V-8 — use regular gas, save you up to $40 a year on fuel alone!

America’s wagon specialists have designed them new, like a hardtop. Living room comfortable with sofa-soft seats for up to nine. A stratospheric 92 Cu. ft. of cargo space is push-button easy to load with single-operation tailgate. Biggest, most elegant Ford wagons ever. Want a lift?

New award-winning proportions — New hardtop styling for picture-window view — All seats face comfortably forward — Safety Glass all around — New Diamond Lustre finish never needs waxing — Aluminized mufflers for twice the life — Full-flow filtration takes you 4000 miles without an oil change.

Savings reach new heights in the '59 Ford Ranch Station Wagon

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Roomy ’59 Ford Ranch Wagon – in yellow

LIFE Mar 9, 1959 Ford cars

Pushbutton magic on the ’56 De Soto Firedome station wagon: Easy as ringing a doorbell

Roomy new Ford Ranch Wagon – in red

LIFE Jun 1, 1959 Ford Station Wagon

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