Pushbutton magic on the ’56 De Soto Firedome station wagon: Easy as ringing a doorbell

1956 De Soto Firedome 4-Door Station Wagon

Pushbutton Magic on the ’56 De Soto Firedome station wagon

One of 5 Forward Look values that other cars don’t have

Chrysler Corporation leads the field again with the driving advance of the year! Like magic — you just push a button and go! No levers or gears to bother with. Pushbutton Powerlite is as easy as ringing a doorbell. Its simple mechanical design has been fully tested and perfected. Why not try it today!


1956-chrysler-station-wagon-pushbutton-magic (3)

1956-chrysler-station-wagon-pushbutton-magic (1)

Chrysler cars for 1956: Imperial, Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto have the forward look with Flight-Sweep

DeSoto Firedome 4-door station wagon

Chrysler Corporation

Pushbutton magic on the DeSoto Firedome station wagon (1956)

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