The classic ’55 Buick Roadmaster, Century and Super cars

Blue 1955 Buick Roadmaster

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’55 Buick Roadmaster: This you take in glowing pride

Wonderful things seem to happen to people when they take over a 1955 Buick Roadmaster like the one shown here. There’s a special lift just to see it waiting at the curb — swift-lined, stunningly-styled, fairly breathing success.

Roadmaster – Custom-built by Buick

When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them

'55 Buick Roadmaster: This you take in glowing pride

’55 Buick Century Convertible

Let’s face it — a Convertible has a special place in the heart of every man and woman who drives.

It’s a joy, and a sparkle, and an unfettered spirit–because that’s the way it makes you feel. But the swift-lined beauty you see pictured here sweeps your spirits on high from far more than just its open-roofed jauntiness. Tes a Buick Convertible, styled — as you’ll discover — to catch all eyes and hold them in a long linger.

It’s a brawny automobile built big and broad _ and solid of sinew to take the travel of many miles and years.

It’s a beautiful-riding car, engineered with the constant levelness of coil springs on all four wheels, and with the true-track steadiness of a full-length torque-tube drive to hold firm to the course you steer.

Above all, it’s a performer, this Buick — a performer with silken wallop that quickens the pulse and puts a lilt in your heart.

For here you boss a hoodful of high-compression V8 power that’s on the record book as the highest in Buick history.

And here you have the split-second response and far better gas mileage of Variable Pitch Dynaflow* to open a new world of spectacular thrills to you.

So why not take your travel with the tang and lift of a Buick Convertible? You can pick one almost tailor-made to your means — because there’s a Buick Convertible in every price range…

The bedrock-priced special — the supremely-powered Century illustrated above — the extra roomy SUPER — the custom-built ROADMASTER. Visit your Buick dealer soon–like this week — and see how easily this joyous new motoring life can be yours.

'55 Buick Century Convertible

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1955 Buick cars

1955 Buick cars - Yellow

The joy that only the finest can give

We address ourselves here to some certain people. They are those who know and appreciate fine cars, and can avail themselves of the deep satisfactions to be had there — but who also look beyond the obvious.

To you we extend an invitation to try a Roadmaster as it is custom-built by Buick in 1955 — for we believe this automobile will thrill you more than you may realize.

'55 Buick Roadmaster: Here you swing your spirits skyward

’55 Buick Roadmaster: Here you swing your spirits skyward

There’s a way to put a measure to many things in this master Buick… to its power, to its length, to its width, to all its physical characteristics — even to the deep yield of its supremely soft seat cushions.

But who can put a measure to the soaring lift a man feels at possession of Roadmaster greatness?

Who can put to words the wings your spirits take when you’re at the wheel of an automobile so magnificently alive, so immediately responsive, so incredibly smooth of ride as this stunning sweep of beauty?

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1955 Buick Roadmaster car

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