Oldsmobility: Going places in the Rocket Age! (1958)

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Oldsmobility… the pleasurable way of going places in the Rocket Age!

There’s a marvelous surprise awaiting you in a new ’58 Oldsmobile.

Your local quality dealer invites you to get up-to-date in a Rocket 8! See for yourself the tremendous advances in both engineering and quality that Oldsmobile has made this year. This is true in every Oldsmobile model — the budget-priced Dynamic 88, the sparkling Super 88, the luxurious Ninety-Eight.

You’ll agree with Patti Page who says, “You don’t have to look twice to tell it’s a ’58. Take one ride and you’ll know… there’s no mobility like OLDSmobility!”

Oldsmobile presents The Big Record, starring Patti Page – CBS Studios

Miss Patti Page’s jewels by Harry Winston, furs by Maximilian — her Dynamic 88 by Oldsmobile

Oldsmobility: Exciting “rocket age” style that reflects your own good taste!

A 1958 Oldsmobile is waiting for you . . . a car that’s in a class by itself! A new Rocket Engine car . . . a magnificent performer in the famous Rocket tradition, and offering the greatest improvement in fuel economy in Oldsmobile history.

Beneath the exciting distinction of line and color beyond the renowned power plant . . . are new expressions of Oldsmobile’s style and engineering leadership. For example, New-Matic Ride (Oldsmobile’s true air suspension) is the greatest advance in riding comfort since air was first put in tires!

And this is only the beginning. In every way, this is your car for this mobile era!


Oldsmobility: A new, “free-and-easy”way of going places and doing things in this mobile era

Scan this sparkling span of lighthearted beauty-Oldsmobile for ’58! Nearly eighteen feet of sheer excitement . . . captured in a tasteful new mobile look. There’s new magic in its motion, too, with the “big-economy-news” Rocket Engine . . . and exclusive New-Matic Ride, Oldsmobile’s true air suspension.

So come take a test ride at your dealer’s soon. See how Olds for ’58 makes real driving pleasure the rule on any road!

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