The newest of the new! Studebaker cars for 1955

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1955 Studebaker Commander V-8

The newest of the new! Advanced ’55 Studebaker

New visibility! New color! New power! No increase in prices!


Long… low… and look at the choice!

Studebaker sets the pace… whatever model you choose.


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Studebaker station wagons

Sensationally stepped up in power and smartness! Huge in cargo capacity! A dramatic new champion in the lowest price field! An outstanding new Commander V-8!

Studebaker station wagons 1955


1955 Studebaker: Luxury cars! Priced with the lowest!

Studebaker 1955


1955 Studebaker Commander V-8

Another triumphant stride forward for Studebaker… the pace-setting new 1955 Commander V9 series… with newest of the new Ultra Vista models in exciting new two-tone effects… the most impressive looking V-8 in its low price field.

1955 Studebaker Commander V-8


You’re ahead every way with a Studebaker!



Drive it for power! Compare it for price!

See for yourself why the smart car to buy is this advanced 1955 Studebaker

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