See some classic Mercury cars that were on the road in 1960

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Mercury Meteor

You know only half the story when you hear Mercury’s new low prices. It’s just as important to know how much more you get in a Mercury Meteor than any other low-price car…

You’ll like Mercury’s new size. It’s trimmer, better proportioned. Easier to handle, park and garage. Far more agile. Yet it’s even roomier than last year… has more hip, shoulder and head room, more entrance room and a bigger trunk.

1960 Mercury Meteor

Mercury Monterey

Look into Mercury, the better low price car… A deluxe appointed Mercury sedan with luxurious nylon interior; deep, soft, wall-to-wall carpeting.

1960 Mercury Meteor

Mercury Country Cruiser Commuter station wagon

Mercury’s Country Cruisers go far beyond ordinary station wagons. You get handsome hardtop styling. There’s no “hemmed in” feeling.

One side pillar takes the place of the usual three. A retractable rear window slides into the tailgate, eliminates the need for a liftgate. Cargo space is the roomiest in any wagon.. over 101 cubic feet. An optional self-storing 3rd seat faces front. No need to sit backwards.

Mercury Country Cruiser Commuter station wagon

Mercury Monterey

You’ll look a long time before matching Mercury’s beauty at such a low price.

Mercury’s advantages are everywhere. There’s more room to stretch out in; more room for center-seat passengers. Interiors re more luxurious. Brakes are bigger — and self-adjusting. The largest windshield on any car means better visibility. And Mercury’s super-efficient standard engine delivered far more “go” … and on regular gas.


1960 Mercury Meteor

Mercury Monterey 4-door sedan

As this picture shows, Mercury’s new beauty is clearly the first reason why sales are up nearly 50%… Mercury is a steadier riding car… with far more road-hugging weight and a 7-inch longer wheelbase.

Mercury Monterey 4-door sedan


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