Delco car stereos with CB radio (1977)

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Delco car stereos with CB radio (1977)

Delco’s CB and stereo built in

Introducing the GM car stereo system that’s really a conversation piece

Now you can enjoy factory-installed two-way Citizens Band radio and AM/FM stereo in your new GM car. It’s Delco’s new 40-channel CB and stereo… built right into the dash. And that means greater theft resistance.

What a combination! You can enjoy the smooth sound of Delco Stereo and the world of CB.

Delco car stereos with CB radio (1979)

Introducing the Delco GM 8-track stereo you can talk on

Turn on this new Delco-GM stereo, and we’ve got you surrounded, good buddy.

Surrounded by the full, clear sound of music from the AM/FM stereo—or your favorite 8-Track tape. Or with a message from the 40-channel Citizens Band radio.

It’s our brand-new Delco AM/FM Stereo and CB with 8-Track, and it’s available on many of this year’s GM cars and trucks.

You’ll enjoy its special features. Like a mode selector that lets you listen to music and monitor CB at the same time. When a message arrives, it’s heard over the same quality speakers, temporarily interrupting radio or tape programming.

And, as with any Delco- GM stereo you order for your new GM car or truck, you know you’re getting General Motors quality.

You can hear the result of this special care at your Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet or GMC dealer. Just tell your dealer “Delco.”

Delco car stereos with CB radio (1977)

Introducing Delco GM stereo, now in concert with cassette

Tell your GM dealer you want a Delco AM/FM Stereo with Cassette, and we’ll have you up to your ears in music. You’ll hear the highs, the lows. You’ll be surrounded with sound that’s full and clear. Almost as if you were sitting front row center at your favorite concert.

That very special sound is a big reason for ordering your new GM car or truck with a Delco-GM factory sound system. That way, you know your new stereo was GM-designed for sound performance in your new vehicle.

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And, depending on which car or truck you buy, you can choose from tape systems in a variety of combinations: 8-Track with AM radio, 8-Track with AM/FM stereo, 8-Track with AM/FM stereo and CB and AM/FM stereo with cassette.

See and hear them at your Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet or GMC dealer. For the sound of GM, tell your dealer “Delco!”

Delco car stereos with CB radio (1978)

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