Chevrolet ’68 Job Tamer pickups

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Chevrolet '68 Job Tamer pickups

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Job Tamer pickups: In 1/2- AND 3/4-ton pickups — only Chevrolet gives you all four!

Chevrolet '68 Job Tamer pickups

Job Tamer pickups: Get more… get all four!

1. FULL COIL SPRING RIDE: This is the truck ride you’ll like best, because it’s the only one that beats bumps by putting tough, truck-built coil springs at all four wheels. You get extra smoothness, made even better by Chevrolet’s Independent Front Suspension System. You get exclusive smoothness that saves wear on driver, truck and cargo!

2. JOB-TAILORED POWER: You’ll like this pickup power best because it’s the right power for your purpose! Savings start with the 250 Six — biggest standard in-line six you can buy. For extra power, choose the 292 Six. Or select from three modern V8’s, including an all-new 307-cubic-inch V8. Of the popular pickups, only Chevrolet gives you all this truck power!

3. DOUBLE-STRONG CONSTRUCTION: Over years of hard use, you’ll like the Chevrolet pickup best because of the way it’s built. Double strong! Cowl, windshield pillars, roof, door openings, and Fleetside body side panels are made with double walls of sheet metal. And you get the long-life benefits of new outer body construction that fights rust more effectively.

4. FUNCTIONAL TRUCK STYLING: You like it when you see it . . . like it even better when you use it! Chevrolet’s new pickup appearance gives you performance advantages, such as road-holding stability. And driver conveniences like better visibility. See for yourself, at your Chevrolet dealer. See all the features you’ll like best!

Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

’68 Job Tamer Pickups for ride, power, style and strength!

Shown: Half-ton Fleetside pickup

Chevrolet '68 Job Tamer pickups

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