Buick’s new Boulevard Ride for 1956

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New Boulevard Ride — even on the byways

Along a city street, it rides with sweeping grace — and from the envying eyes that follow you in a long linger, you know you’re traveling in the freshest fashion on wheels.

At a light, along a turnpike, or up a long hill — it moves like pure performance — with the silent might and flash-fast response of the loftiest, highest-compression horsepower in Buick history — and with the instant take-hold take-off of a terrific new Variable Pitch Dynaflow.*

That you know from merely pressing the gas pedal a small fraction of its full travel.

But not till you guide this great new Buick to the off-beat roads and the high-crowned black-top will you fully know what wonderful new magnificence has been brought to the Buick ride for 1956.

Boulevard Ride buick 1956 1955

Best Buick yet

Consider this: There’s more here than just the constant buoyancy of coil springs on all four wheels — and the on-target track of a full-length torque-tube — and the solid substance of a massive X-member frame.

There’s a new deep-oil cushioning of jars and jolts that brings a boulevard smoothness to every road you ride.

There’s a swift new surety of control on turns and curves and uneven roads — and a catlike grace in the way you corner.

There’s a whole new front-end geometry that gives a brand-new “sweetness” to the feel of the car — that holds this broad Buick to a level plane on full-turn curves — eases steering to a new delicacy — brings front wheels to a more positive return to center — adds a truer and more solid “sense of direction” to the car’s every inch of travel.

We’re ready now to offer you a sampling of what ride-engineering at its Buick best can mean.

Drop in on us soon — and take your own measure of the automobile that just had to be called the best Buick yet.

  • NEW Precision-Balanced Chassis, engineered all new from front to rear for extra-rugged roadability
  • NEW V8 Power Peaks In Every Buick
  • NEW Variable Pitch Dynaflow — with double-action take-off
  • NEW Deep-Oil-Cushioned luxury ride — with all-coil springing and true torque-tube drive
  • NEW Sweep-Ahead Styling–with Fashion Color Harmony inside and out
  • NEW Smoother-Action Brakes with Suspended Pedal NEW Stepped-Up Gas Mileage in All Buicks
  • NEW Safety Power Steering for instant and constant response

* New Advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflow is the only Dynaflow Buick builds today. It is standard on Roadmaster, Super and Century — optional at modest extra cost on the Special. Standard on Roadmaster and Super, optional at extra cost on other Series.

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