Bob Hope: Cancel My Reservation, I’ll take my Apollo Motor Home (1972)

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Bob Hope for Apollo Motor Home

Bob Hope says, “Cancel My Reservation, I’ll take my Apollo.”

Bob Hope, star of Naho Enterprises Productions’ “Cancel My Reservation,” from Warner Bros, always uses his Apollo Motor Home for motion picture locations, mobile office, golf vacations, and cruising enjoyment.

Bob says, “Apollo is the only way to go for KM safety and luxurious accommodations — it gives me all that privacy and Ring-of-Steel construction.”

Apollo Motor Home

You need no reservation to see your Apollo dealer for a new experience in first-class living on-the-go. He will be delighted to show you Apollo’s exciting, new 1973 line of 22, 25, and 30-foot models in a variety of floor plans and beautiful decorator-coordinated interiors. Features include a bath with sunken tub/shower, sparkling kitchen, and living room comfort all contained in a weatherproof, reinforced fiberglass body.

Bob Hope Cancel My Reservation, I'll take my Apollo Motor Home (1972)

Bob Hope’s Apollo Motor Home

Like Bob Hope, drive your Apollo today. For complete information and dealer nearest you. write Apollo Motor Homes, Inc. 9250 Washburn Road, Downey, Calif. 90242.

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Bob Hope I'll take my Apollo Motor Home (1972)

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