The ’48 Dodge: The smoothest car afloat

The 1948 Dodge cars: Calls for a compliment

Be ready for compliments galore when your friends step into your new Dodge.

Listen to them “oh” and “ah” when they see its wide, roomy interior . . . as they notice the head room, foot room and elbow room around them.

Watch them admire the wide full-view windows — the smart instrument panel — the beauty and luxury of Dodge interior upholstery.

And as you glide smoothly away without a jerk or jolt — as you ease through heavy city traffic or park without stalling — your friends will know the magic of Dodge Alt-Fluid Drive.

As a special favor, you might tell them that Dodge is the lowest-priced car with All-Fluid Drive, and the only car to offer All-Fluid Drive at no extra cost.


The 1948 Dodge cars: Calls for a compliment


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Dodge for 1948: This is our other living room

Every woman’s instinct of refinement responds to the taste and quality of Dodge interior appointments. They are rich and spacious, designed for complete living comfort.

Contrasting texture and color are beautifully blended. Windows, appointments and instruments; quietly merge with upholstery and carpet into a refreshing excellence of ensemble.

Never has there been greater pride in Dodge ownership than women are showing today as they acquaint themselves and all their friends with this new woman’s world of automobile experience.

It is all-fluid driven for your ease and comfort. Its brakes are extra powered for your security. Its style and trim are as rich and fine as your own good taste.

Dodge for 1948: This is our other living room

The ’48 Dodge: Precious cargo

There’s a lullaby ride ahead . . . a trip cradled on down-soft springs, cushioned by new low-pressure Super-Cushion tires, hushed by Floating Power, smoothed by All-Fluid Drive.

These are riding comforts your precious cargo takes for granted. knowing no contrast. But you will glory in them every moment. You will revel, too, in a symphony of fabrics and appointments that invariably invoke the flattering comments of your friends.

It’s a bright world, a safe and better world at the trim steering wheel of your Dodge.

The '48 Dodge: Precious cargo

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