1959 Buick Le Sabre hardtops & convertibles

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1959 Buick Le Sabre 4-door hardtop

You own a lot of future when you buy a Buick now!

This Buick makes your money look ahead in a way other cars can’t do. In a Buick, for instance, you own the clearest and cleanest example of a new styling trend that will be here for years… style that caused editors to name a Buick “best looking overall” of all 1959 cars.

And, beneath its new beauty, a Buick brings you other long-range satisfactions, too.

You own the best-riding car in a long history of great Buick rides. You own the best-constructed car in a long history of great Buick quality: You own the smoothest kind of transmission made… smoothest because there are no gears that shift… improved still more this year both in performance and economy.

You own brakes that are Buick’s alone, unique in their fin-cooled design, aluminum front drums, long brake-lining wear.

You own a car that will serve you better, and trade-in to better advantage when the time comes.

1959 Buick 2-door hardtop

The most important $200 in the automobile world

If you’re going to buy a car and you want all the satisfaction and fun and quality your money can possibly buy . . . just think about this For only about $Qo0 more than the best models of the “leading low-priced three” . . . you can own this Buick LeSabre. And this is not the kind of comparison where one car has no extra equipment and the other has lots of it. Look at the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices posted right on the cars in the showrooms, and you can check this for yourself.

And think how much more car you own. An important car with an important name. A car of Buick’s solidness, plus Buick nimbleness that’s wholly new this year and wholly wonderful to feel.

Buick ’59 is the most exciting Buick ever built. The smoothest and quietest running car in America today.

The only car with Buick’s exclusive brakes and new Wildcat engines which not only give important increases in actual gas mileage. . . . but, car weight and performance considered, are proved to be the most efficient users of gasoline in any car today.

Many thousands of families have already made the magnificent change to Buick ’59. They’re the most enthusiastic Buick owners we have ever heard from. And with good reason!

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1959 Buick Le Sabre 2-door convertible

Whatever car you have in mind… you’re better off with a Buick!

Almost any new American car you’re thinking of buying falls within reach of today’s Buick price range.

And when this same money pays for a Buick, today more than ever before it brings you things you just can’t buy elsewhere!

It pays for a very special feeling of wisdom and pride. It pays for the magic in the Buick name itself-a sense of quality, tradition, reliability.

And it pays in ways you can touch and feel — for the most exciting beauty, the most advanced and expert performance ever built into Buick cars.

If you’re thinking of buying a car, don’t fail to see your Quality Buick Dealer. He has some wonderful new surprises for your money.

LE SABRE: The thriftiest Buick
INVICTA: The most spirited Buick
ELECTRA: The most luxurious Buick

Let your Quality Buick Dealer help you discover how much future is here, and how easy it is to own today.


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