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Here’s the back of a vintage baseball trading card from 1887, listing the most famous sportsmen of the time:

baseball trading card

The World’s Champions

One packed in each box of ten cigarettes

Base ball players

Chas. W. Bennett
John M. Ward
Mike Kelly
John Clarkson
Timothy Keefe
Joseph Mulvey
Adrian C. Anson
Capt. Jack Glasscock
R.L. Caruthers
Charles Comiskey


John L. Sullivan
Jake Kilrain
Jem Smith
Charlie Mitchell
Jimmy Carney
Jack Dempsey
Ike Weir
Jack McAuliffe
Joe Lannon
Jimmy Carroll


Wm. Beach
John Teemer
Ed Hanlan
Wallace Ross
Jacob Gaudaur
Geo. H. Hosmer
Albert Hamm
John McKay
Geo. Bubear

Rifle shooters

Capt. A.H. Bogardus
Dr. W.F. Carver
Hon. W.F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)
Miss Annie Oakley


Joe Acton
Wm. Muldoon
Theo. Bauer
Matsada Sorakichi
J.H. McLaughlin
John McMahon
Young Bibby (Geo. Mehling)

Billiard players

Wm. Sexton
M. Vignaux
J. Schaefer
Jos. Dion
Maurice Daly
Geo. F. Slosson
Yank Adams

Pool players

Albert Frey
J.L. Malone

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