Win a phone call from Family Ties actor Michael J Fox (1984)

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Family Ties actor Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox - Family Ties

Contest! Michael J Fox wants to call you on the telephone

It’s fun, it’s simple and everyone has an equal chance of winning! You watch Michael as “Alex” on the hilarious show Family Ties, and now BOP is giving you the opportunity to talk to Michael personally by winning a phone call from him!

Michael Fox is the cute, brown-haired actor who plays “Alex Keaton” on the show Family Ties, and just like his character on the show, Michael loves meeting and talking with people.

Though Michael likes giving interviews to the press, his first love is talking to his fans personally. And now you can have the opportunity to find out everything you want to know about Michael by asking Michael himself!

Michael’s going to show you how much he cares by calling one of his fans on the telephone just to talk. It will be a private conversation between Michael and the lucky winner of this exclusive contest — and it could be you!

Win a phone call from Family Ties actor Michael J Fox (1984)

It’s real easy, and everyone has a chance to win, but there can be only one lucky person who gets to talk to Michael. All you have to do to be eligible is think up three questions that you would like to ask Michael. They can be about his personal life, his acting career or maybe about something you’ve never read about Michael before.

The three questions that you want to ask Michael will be judged on their originality and sincerity. But if you’re chosen as the winner, your conversation with Michael won’t be limited to just those three questions — you can talk to him about anything else you want to as well!

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But listen to this — one phone call is not all that Michael is going to give away! If you don’t win a personal phone call from him, you can still have a chance to win another great gift! Michael wants to give one of his ties that he has worn to one lucky runner-up! Just think, if you don’t win the phone call, you may win one of the ties that Michael has worn — just like the ones he wears on Family Ties!

Take some time to think of your three questions for Michael and then write them down on the entry form on this page (or a reasonable facsimile) along with your name, address and phone number (including your area code)…

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Remember, your three questions will be judged on their originality and sincerity! And since there can only be one winner to receive the phone call from Michael and one winner to receive one of Michael’s ties, make your three questions special! Good Luck!!!

The three questions I’d love to ask Michael personally are…

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