Meet Ricky Schroder, Silver Spoons’ shining star (1983)

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Meet Ricky Schroder, Silver Spoons’ shining star

He’s only thirteen years old, but Ricky Schroder has already made it to the top in modeling, movies, and television! You may have seen him in a movie called The Champ. Or you may have caught him in the TV movie, Little Lord Fauntleroy. And now Ricky is seen every week in his first regular TV series, Silver Spoons.

He’s a busy guy, but not too busy to take time out to talk with Dynamite. We caught up with him just as he was about to leave for school, and we asked him how he got started in show business.

“Well, I started modeling professionally when I was about two months old,” Ricky explained. “My older sister, Dawn, started modeling first, and I sort of followed in her footsteps. Then when I was seven I did a movie, The Champ. That was my first time acting.” Ricky was a knockout in The Champ. And since then, he’s appeared in other films and on TV with top stars, such as Alec Guinness, Jon Voight, and Faye Dunaway.

Is he nervous working with such big stars? “No,” Ricky told us. “They’re regular people, like me.” This works the other way, too, when kids are nervous around Ricky. “If somebody’s nervous or something, I’ll just say I’m a regular person, too, and they relax. My friends don’t treat me any differently at all, you know,” he told us. “Some people do, but most people don’t really.”

Dynamite asked Ricky which, out of all the characters he’s played, is the most like him in real life. “Probably Ricky Stratton, on my TV series,” Ricky said right away. “I’m like him in just about every way.” How are the two Rickys alike? “Well, I’m pretty smart. I mean,” he continued modestly, “I’m sharp, I think.”

Also, like the TV Ricky, he gets to make some of his own decisions. For example, he explained, “If I save up money, I can buy something I wont. But if I want something for Christmas or my birthday, I just say what I want, maybe three or four things, and then my parents pick one. When it comes to deciding about whether or not I’m going to do a movie — well, we all talk about that.”

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oes he like video games as much as the TV Ricky does? “Oh, I love them,” he said enthusiastically, “any of them!” What about having the same name on TV and in real life? Is that confusing? Ricky just laughed and said, “Nah. It’s part of the contract!”

Since he’s done movies and TV work, we wondered if he thought about going onstage. “I did a play once,” Ricky told Dynamite. “It was Broadway — a one time deal. It was like a charity thing. It was all right, it was good fun, but as far cs doing it all the time, I don’t think so.” What kinds of things, we asked, would he like to do if he hod the chance? “What I’d really like to do,” he told us, “is a Star Wars type of thing!” Dynamite thought this was a great idea. After all, there haven’t been any kids in the episodes yet. George Lucas, are you listening?

DRicky loves sports almost as much as he likes acting. When he’s not working, he told us, he likes playing baseball. “On fact,” Ricky said, “if I don’t keep on acting, I’d like to play professional baseball or football.”

Would he really give up acting some day? “It all depends,” he told us. “l like acting. it’s fun. If i didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it! But it might change. I might, some day, not like acting any more. “Right now, though,” he continued, “there’s nothing I don’t like about it. Well, sometimes I wish I could get up later in the morning!”

What things are coming up in Ricky’s film future besides more episodes of Silver Spoons? “Well, I think we might do another movie,” he told Dynamite. “We have a couple of scripts to look at, so I don’t know which one we’re doing yet.”

Dynamite asked Ricky to take a flight of fancy and tell us what his life would be like if he could do anything he wanted. “I don’t really have a fantasy,” Ricky answered. “I’m not that type of person. I don’t look 10 years ahead. Right now, I just take one step at a time. Anyway, I don’t need to fantasize because I’m happy in my life right now!”

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Suddenly, Ricky looked at the clock and said, “I gotta go, all right?” But Ricky had time for one more question before he left for school. We asked him if he had any words of advice for our readers, especially if they were thinking of getting into acting.

“Well,” he said, “I’ll say, if anybody out there wants to get into acting, that they should only act when it’s fun. And as soon as it gets not fun — STOP!”

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