Matthew Broderick in Project X (1988)

Project X

Matthew Broderick - Project XMatthew Broderick’s been grounded — literally.

In Project X, now available on home videocassette, Matthew plays Jimmy Garrett, a young air force pilot who’s been relieved of flying privileges after using his aircraft as a rendezvous for dates.

He’s assigned to Project X, a top-secret military experiment, and it’s only until after meeting superintelligent chimp Virgil that he learns the truth: The project is really a reckless experiment that’s endangering intelligent creatures.

Jimmy learns the secret through Virgil’s special skill — he can use sign language to communicate with humans. Now Jimmy is faced with a serious decision. Should he follow military instructions and take part, or should he follow his conscience and give up the project?

There’s not a dull moment in this drama, which also stars Helen Hunt (Peggy Sue Got Married) as the university researcher who teaches Virgil how to sign. Project X, available through CBS/Fox Video, is also Matthew’s reunion with the producers of his earlier film, War Games.

Project X is a bittersweet tale that shouldn’t be missed. It’s serious monkey business.

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