Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday, Mr President to Kennedy (1962)

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Marilyn Monroe's Happy Birthday, Mr President
Marilyn Monroe’s charming, controversial and utterly unforgettable performance of Happy Birthday, sung to President Kennedy (rumored to be her lover) was, sadly, one of her last big splashes. Less than two and a half months later, the legendary actress who had just said that she was so happy to be alive was gone.

Marilyn back at studio job

by Bob Thomas

Hollywood – Marilyn Monroe is back at work after singing “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy, and everyone is happy — now.

Last week it was a different matter. Twentieth Century-Fox grumbled that “Something’s Got to Give” was eight days behind schedule in its first three weeks because of Marilyn’s absence. The studio thought she should stay here and work.

She didn’t. She left Fox by helicopter Friday noon for Los Angeles International Airport, flew to New York, and performed at the party fund-raising celebration in Madison Square Garden. “I told the studio six weeks ago that I was going,” she explained. “I consider it an honor to appear before the President of the United States.”

Besides, she said, she is a Democrat.

Marilyn reported back to work on time — for her — Monday morning. The noted blonde was in fine form when I visited her. Her spirits were still high from the Garden appearance, her first public performance since she entertained troops in Korea. “I liked it,” she said.

About the rest of her form: dandy. Fifteen pounds have melted away, leaving a trim but still curvy figure. How did she do it? “It helps to have a bad gallbladder,” said Marilyn, who had hers removed last June. “The rest is low cholesterol: avoid animal fats. Who needs them? Eskimos, maybe. Not us.”

Marilyn’s new figure comes in handy for “Something’s Got to Give.” She wears a bikini in it, even takes a swim in the nude.

She’ll appear in the bikini, not otherwise; movies haven’t gone that far yet.

Marilyn commented on a variety of matters, including her birthday June 1. She admitted unabashedly that she’ll be 36.

“I like celebrating birthdays. I enjoy knowing that I’m alive. And you can underline ‘alive.'”

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