Lose weight with Zsa Zsa Gabor! (1953)

How you can lose weight – and eat what you want!

“It happened to me,” says Zsa Zsa Gabor

No Drugs… No Diet… Results Guaranteed! Excess weight may ruin your health and your looks, too. Lovely movie stars lose weight the Ayds way — why not you? In fact, you must lose pounds with the very first box ($2.98) or your money back!

Proved by Clinical Tests. With Ayds you lose weight the way Nature intended you to — without dieting or hunger. A quick natural way, clinically tested and approved by doctors, with no risk to health. With the Ayds Plan you should feel healthier, look better while reducing — and have a lovelier figure.

Controls Hunger and Over-eating. When you take Ayds before meals, as directed, you can eat the foods you like. No starvation dieting — no gnawing hunger pangs.

Ayds is a specially made, low calorie candy fortified with health-giving vitamins and minerals. Ayds curbs your appetite — you automatically eat less — lose weight naturally, safely, quickly. Ayds is guaranteed pure. Contains no drugs or laxatives.

New Loveliness in a Few Weeks. Users report losing up to ten pounds with the very first box. Others say they have lost twenty to thirty pounds with the Ayds Plan.

Slim the way the stars slim

“If you are overweight, Ayds can do wonderful things for your figure.” Zsa Zsa Gabor

“Helped many famous Hollywood stars”

Ayds helps Zsa Zsa to keep that lovely figure. “Many of my friends here swear by Ayds,” says Zsa Zsa.

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Zsa Zsa studies the fashions. “I recommend Ayds to any woman who wants to keep looking youthful,” she says.

vintage weight loss zsa za gabor

Zsa Zsa with daughter Francesca. “Ayds helps you to reduce,” says Zsa Zsa. “I know, because it happened to me!”

Ayds has helped many famous Hollywood stars to a lovelier figure. It can do the same for you!

1953 weight loss zsa za gabor

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