Delta airlines trips back to the eighties


Ah, the ’80s. Back in the days when the airlines were freshly deregulated, you still got a meal on your flight, you could actually smoke on the plane, it was okay to use the word “stewardess,” and you didn’t have to strip half-naked to get through security.

While you can’t light up on board anymore and an in-flight meal consists of stopping at the McDonalds in the terminal before boarding, Delta doesn’t mind reminiscing about the decade of big hair, leg warmers, neon colors and breakdancing. So they decided to create a little throwback of their own with this new 80s-themed safety briefing video.

Because hey — you’re just going to ignore them when they tell you how to fasten your seat belt otherwise, so let’s make it entertaining to watch at least. Now, what’s our vector, Victor? – AJW

Delta’s 80s-style in-flight safety video

Here’s their modern-day look back at the awesome eighties… with a few faces and brands you might recall!

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