Come into the kitchen with Dinah Shore (1967)

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Come into the kitchen with Dinah

“My kitchen is home to me,” says Dinah Shore — singer, TV hostess, cook. And her newly remodeled kitchen is a warm, comfortable place, where she can happily whip up anything from a barbecue to a gourmet meal.

The pride of Dinah’s well-equipped kitchen is the giant commercial gas range and griddle (opposite) with its glowing copper pots and pans. Dinah puts her two spacious ovens to good use (left). Behind her is a dining nook lined with windows. Preparing breakfast (below, left), Dinah makes toast in a space-saving toaster that folds back into wall. Food center (below) gives Dinah easy access to small appliances. All are run by counter-top mechanism.

Long kitchen is beautifully organized for easy work flow and for serving frequent meals in dining nook.

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