Women wearing live turtles as charms (1898)

Live turtle fashion

Fancy having a turtle clawing its cold, clammy way about your breast, neck and head? Well, it’s surely no worse than a lizard or a beetle, and is more of an ornament, by reason of the jeweler’s art.

The fad hasn’t reached New York yet. but it may be expected at any time. In Paris, jeweled tortoises are quite the rage, and New York is usually not far behind Paris. So we may look for an invasion of the ugly little creatures any day.

>> What’s the difference between a turtle & a tortoise?

Isn’t it strange that a woman who will go into hysterics over the sight of a poor, inoffensive, scared little mouse will nurture these other specimens of the lower animal life?

The pet turtles are very small, about thirty millimeters in length, according to the Parisian standard. The shells are covered with an ornament of filigree gold, in which are set as many gems as the owner may wish.

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