The future’s so bright…

Vision of fashion's future (1930)In the 1930s, American fashion designers were asked to look ahead seventy years, to the impossibly far off year 2000, and envision what clothing would look like at that point.

In this fascinatingly funny and brief video clip, you can see what the US stylistas imagined — things like the glorious but oh-so-stylish headlamp shown at right, a glass wedding dress, the complete disappearance of the skirt — and a jumpsuit for the men, which featured a chest-mounted telephone, a radio, as well as pockets for “coins, keys, and candy for cuties.”

Only one person we know of has taken her style cues from this news piece: Lady Gaga.

These short reels were created by British company Pathetone Weekly, “with a view to incorporating all the semi-news events that passed into the Pathe organisation around the world.”


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