62 full-color summer fashions from 1922

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22 vintage styles for women from August 1922

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3836 — Wise frocks for Midsummer wear have cast aside superfluous appendages and come forth simply, short of sleeve and straight in line. Very often they add long, left-tying sashes which reach down below the hem of the dress. This dress in the new Russian effect joins a straight skirt to the waist at a low waistline. It slips on over the head, and, if one prefers, may be made with a long body lining. Make the dress of silk crepes, crepe de Chine, crepe meteor, crepe satin, soft taffeta, foulard, Georgette, silk voile, tissues, fine cotton crepe, crepe voile or cotton voile.

3839–3665–10954 — Many of the blouses we wear owe their origin to the land of the steppes. This blouse in Russian style marks its low waistline with a ribbon girdle or uses an elastic in a casing. It slips on over the head quite easily and adopts a new embroidered design. Work the design in a combination of cross-stitch embroidery and beading. The hat is one of a set containing a type suitable for ribbon. Use crepe de Chine, silk crepes, crepe satin, crepe meteor, pongee, radium, cotton crepe, etc., and make the hat of satin, taffeta, etc.

3841 — 10968 — When a bright silk and vivid beads conspire to trim a Summer frock of the slip-over type, the effect is altogether winning! This dress conceals a closing under the left arm and its loose panels and straight skirt meet the dress’s upper half at a low waistline; or there may be a long body lining marked for a camisole top. Silk crepes, crepe de Chine, cotton voile, swiss, organdy, fine cotton crepe used all one color, in two colors, or a figured with plain material are suitable choices; or use crepe satin or crepe meteor all one side of the material, or combining dull and shiny surface?, etc.

3875 — Panels, avowedly loose, suggest fuller skirts for the new dresses, but low waistlines are insistently determined to pre serve the straight silhouette. The loose panels, the hem of the skirt, and the chiffon collar, cuffs and vestee of this one-piece frock are bound with plain silk. The dress is a slip-over type and may be made with a long tight sleeve. A blouse body lining is another possibility.

3842 — Lace is patrician, distinguishing a one-piece dress in the wide sleeves and loose side panels. The best features of this dress, which slips on over the head, include a shoulder slightly wider than the average and a deep armhole where the sleeve is sewed into a long body lining. There may be an elastic in a casing arranged at the low waistline. Use silk crepes or crepe de Chine with sleeves and panels of a harmonizing color, or figured crepes or silk with plain crepe or silk Georgette or chiffon for sleeves and panels, plain with figured crepes, etc.

3852 — Fabric trimming has wound its way into many of the new Summer clothes. For this straight-lined, loosely bloused, simple type of dress it is a dignified trimming for the sleeves and lower part of the skirt. A wide sash girdles the low waist line where the waist and the straight skirt meet. The dress has a long body lining and slips on over the head. One may use crepe de Chine, silk crepes, crepe meteor, crepe satin, charmeuse, satin, taffeta, foulard or heavy cotton crepe, etc., for this dress. For a much more formal frock for later wear chiffon or velvet is appropriate.

3845 — Drapery is never in the dark concerning the laws of attractiveness. In accord with many of the French draped costumes, the drape centers itself at the left and places two ornaments at the low waistline of the dress. The closing of this dress, which slips on over the head, comes under the left arm and the draped skirt joins the body at the waistline. One may include a long body lining with a possibility of a camisole top. Make the dress of silk crepes, crepe de Chine, crepe meteor, crepe satin, moire, foulard, or of cotton crepe. This is the type of frock which will be suitable in chiffon or velvet to wear for evening this next season.


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