62 full-color summer fashions from 1922

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20 vintage women’s fashions from July 1922

In the shop windows, under striped awnings and flower-boxes, gay with pink geraniums and Michaelmas daisies, dresses of organdy in the delicate shell colors of pale pink and mauve and yellow. Or in the characteristically Parisian combination of pale-blue organdy trimmed with bands of dark blue and with a corsage bouquet of violet-colored organdy flowers with long sash ends of ribbon like a violet shadow on the skirt.

The organdies lend themselves to the period styles of spreading skirts, fichus and fichu-like collars, and their appeal is primarily to the young and slender girl with her short skirts still short in spite of the much ado Paris makes over longer dresses. They are charming with wide-brimmed shadowy hats wreathed with flowers or with wide ribbon tied in long loops.




3767 — Long lines may be familiar in clothes, but there are devious ways of introducing them in a new light. This one-piece dress uses trimming bands of the same material as the dress and runs them down to the straight lower edge of the skirt. At the low waistline velvet ribbon makes a Grecian girdle. The dress slips on over the head and has a waistline arrangement of elastic in a casing. Make the dress of crepe de Chine, silk crepes, crepe meteor, crepe satin, charmeuse, crepe jersey, etc., all one color or in two colors.

3794 — Even cottons may be cool in a tailored way, for a dress like this, which is a slip-over type, is nothing more than a long body joining a straight skirt. If you prefer, make it with a blouse body lining. Silk crepes, crepe de Chine, Georgette, cotton voile, crepe voile or fine cotton crepe all one color, in two colors, or figured with plain arc suitable materials. You may use taffeta all one material or a plain body with a checked skirt, cotton prints with a body of cotton crepe, etc., gingham with a cotton voile or chambray body, etc.

3817-10880 — Summer clothes show a gay tattoo of brilliant designs, sometimes all over the long body as on this dress which is a slip-over type. Embroidery again appears on panels which with the straight skirt join the body at a low waistline. If desired, you may omit the blouse body lining. A series of scrolls and diamond-shaped patterns forms the embroidery design. Work it in a combination of one-stitch or bugle bead embroidery and outline stitch. Use silk crepes, crepe de Chine, crepe meteor, crepe satin, taffeta, etc., or use silk crepe in two colors, etc.

3561-3819 — That demure collar of the guimpe with sleeves to wear with her one-piece dress in jumper style may be made separately. The normal or low waistline of the guimpe suits if for a slip-over dress with its low waistline arranged with an elastic in a casing. The sleeveless guimpe is worn with sweaters, suits and dresses. Use gingham, cotton homespun, chambray, cotton prints, dimity, crepe voile, cotton crepe, crepe jersey, etc., for the dress. For the guimpe use cotton voile, plain net, organdy, etc., with a net body.

3787-10914 — Contrast is the secret of effectiveness on so many of the new clothes. In this one-piece dress, which slips on over the head, bands of different color are embroidered. The low waistline may blouse from an elastic arrangement in a casing, or the dress may have a blouse body lining. The scroll design is attractive. Work it in one-stitch embroidery or bugle beads. Silk crepe, crepe de Chine, crepe satin, crepe meteor, charmeuse are suitable.

3808 — Waistlines may be lower yet, but usually there is a narrow string belt or girdle to restrain their down-falling propensity. The soft fullness at the armhole varies the one-piece front of this dress, which slips on over the head. The straight skirt joins the long body of the dress in black and has a straight lower edge. For those who do not like a blouse body lining there is provision for using elastic in a casing at the low waistline. Use silk crepes, taffeta, crepe de Chine, crepe meteor, crepe satin, charmeuse, or gingham, sports silks, crepe jersey, etc.


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