Vintage mascara from the 1920s

Viola Dana Reveals the secret of her beautiful eyes (1926)

Miss Dana, world-famous for the beauty of her expressive eyes, accentuates the lovely sweep and length of her curling lashes by darkening them with the dainty toilet requisite she is here shown applying, “MAYBELLINE.”

She has used “MAYBELLINE” for ten years, both for street wear and in her screen work, and regards it as indispensable. Millions of women; from charming girl to queenly matron have discovered how “MAYBELLINE” reveals the hidden beauty of their eyes. “MAYBELLINE” is harmless.

The popular Solid Form or the waterproof Liquid Form, BLACK or BROWN, are 75c at all toilet goods counters.

1926 Maybelline eye makeup - mascara


Phyllis Haver, lovely comedy star, uses and recommends Maybelline (1923)

You, too, may instantly beautify your eyes with Maybelline

Just a wee touch of Maybelline will make light, short, thin eyelashes and brows appear naturally dark, long and luxurious, thereby giving charm, beauty and soulful expression to any eyes.



Mascara to instantly beautify your eyes (1923)


The girl with the wonderful eyes (1923)

Are you that girl — the charming person who fascinates by a mere glance? You could be, if you had long dark lashes to emphasize the depth of your eyes. Use WINX, the Liquid Lashlux. It will bead your lashes and make them appear darker and heavier.

Easily applied with the glass rod attached to the stopper, it lasts all day, unaffected even by swimming or weeping at the theatre. Absolutely harmless.



The Expressive Beauty of Dark-Veiled Eyes (1926)

… thrills and lures with ever-soulful glance. It is the shadowy fringe of luxuriant lashes that lends to them romantic depths.

Darken your lashes with WINX and your eyes at once take on pensive shadows and luminous mystery. A light touch or two with the brush attached to the stopper of the bottle and your lashes appear much longer, darker and heavier. WINX is a harmless waterproof liquid that dries at once, cannot run or smear and lasts for days.

At drug and department stores or by mail. Black or brown, 75c, United States and Canada. WINXETTE (cake form), complete with tiny one-row brush and mirror, black or brown, 50c.


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