Vintage fashions: Looking back from 1972

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History repeats itself — in fashions, too!

Fashions Americana

There was the prairie dress with the ruffles and bows — its pretty popover pinafore.. Later, it was the flapper in swirly-skirted dresses — kicking high, kicking low. then the classic look of the 50s — no-nonsense shirts topping A’d shirts. Now they’re back… and prettier than ever!

fashions-americana-feb-1972-sewing-american-girl-mag (2)

fashions-americana-feb-1972-sewing-american-girl-mag (3)


A new wrinkle in pants

…from the 40s, when girls jitterbugged by the hour. Jackie flips over the zoot-suity pants with pleats ‘neath the waistband and wide cuffs on the legs.

fashions-americana-feb-1972-sewing-american-girl-mag (1)

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